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Opinion: Duke Energy Florida is not competitive

Duke Energy, which last year bought Progress Energy Florida, has done a lousy job over the past decade running its power plants. This is the company that permanently closed the Crystal River 3 nuclear power plant after what should have been a routine maintenance upgrade.

This is the same company that said it would build a nuclear power plant in Levy County. It charged customers in advance to help start Levy, only to shelve the price-gone-wild project years later.

Customers were charged billions. No electricity was generated.


Opinion: Hernando County politics a boon for Citrus County bus system

A regional mass transit fund suddenly became flush with Hernando's rejected cash. That's the same fund that, you guessed it, paid for Citrus's new transit center.

One lesson here is that no matter how you feel about the federal government, turning down its money is less likely to mean saving cash than just losing out on your share.

Thorpe digs into facts surrounding landfill pan/scraper

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is a memo sent from County Administrator Brad Thorpe to members of the Citrus County Commission to give more details about the recent sale of the landfill's pan/scraper.

Board Members:

Pursuant to the discussion which occurred at last night’s Board meeting (March 26, 2013), I will place on the agenda for April 9, under my agenda, the discussion of the pan/scraper and excavator purchase issue.

Fire Rescue offers summer safety tips, beginning with July 4

The Fourth of July is a national day of celebration that often means cookouts and, of course, fireworks.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, the month of July also is the peak month for grill fires, even though these fires may occur throughout the year.

An NFPA report states that in a typical year on July Fourth, more U.S. fires are reported than on any other day, and fireworks account for half of them.


Sheriff’s Office FTO program finds its mark

On May 14, the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office made some history of its own when Class 2010-01, perhaps better known as the inaugural class of the agency’s all-new Deputy Advanced Recruit Training (DART), graduated.

Before nearly 100 family members, field training officers, coworkers, fellow deputies and command staff administrators, Sheriff Jeff Dawsy had the distinct honor of swearing in seven new deputies as part of a formal, first-ever ceremony held at the CCSO Emergency Operations Center in Lecanto.


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