Land / Lease Corporations

Dear Editor,

There is a horrible situation going on, involving land / lease corporations that own property in Florida.

They swoop in and buy 55+ parks with the intent of driving the present tenants out.

They do this through threats and actions. The end result is retired, elderly or disabled people who lose a spouse cannot afford to live here any longer. There are people getting ill, yet are too afraid to ask their doctors if the constant water from the treatment plant may be the cause.

Thorpe digs into facts surrounding landfill pan/scraper

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is a memo sent from County Administrator Brad Thorpe to members of the Citrus County Commission to give more details about the recent sale of the landfill's pan/scraper.

Board Members:

Pursuant to the discussion which occurred at last night’s Board meeting (March 26, 2013), I will place on the agenda for April 9, under my agenda, the discussion of the pan/scraper and excavator purchase issue.

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