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The Russia Thing

The Electoral College only has one function - to vote, or not vote for the next president. It has no other power.
It can't pass laws, investigate, make judicial decisions or exercise other powers already granted to the executive, legislative and judicial branches.
The decision to try to mess with the Electoral College was even signaled ahead of time when the call was put out to abolish the Electoral College.

Our view: When budgets matter

As we have pointed out in an earlier story, there is some disagreement among Citrus County Commissioners about the upcoming budget finalization on Sept. 27, 2016.

Where there's a fire, there's smoke

Getting a clear picture of the events that led up to the fire in the Citrus County landfill overnight on Saturday is a bit like trying to see through the smoke itself.

What the public has been told is that "a trash fire", ignited by someone (but we don't know who), eventually grew, apparently unnoticed, until it licked the side of the landfill and ate into the landfill's liner in the Phase III area.

Missing water across Florida points toward conservation

Whether it be farmers desperate to save their crops from winter's cold breath, or sloppy water management by Florida's counties, the future of the state's water supply can be summed up in two words: "Water conservation."

The appearance of sinkholes in our neighboring counties from watering by farmers have unearthed a little-acknowledged fact - water supplies are shrinking. When they do, the most stark outward testament is the appearance of holes in the earth.

The curious case of economic development

The Citrus County Commission's handling of economic development is a curious case of government not knowing what it wants, but knowing that what it sees it doesn't like.

The county commission did not renew the contract with the Economic Development Council, and commissioners laid out a host of reasons why they didn't want to continue with the EDC as it was then configured.

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