Workforce Connection offering scholarships for area high school grads

OCALA - Workforce Connection will award up to $105,000 in scholarships to regional high school graduates who plan to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) or technical occupations that supports the local economy.

The scholarship program provides two scholarships up to $3,500 each for students in each of the public high schools in Workforce Connection’s region of Citrus, Levy and Marion counties. These scholarships can be used for training in two-year community college or technical school programs.

Scholarship applications are available from high school guidance counselors; the deadline to return completed applications to counselors is Monday, April 1.

Eligible students must be at least 18 prior to the enrollment deadline for their training program.  Scholarships are awarded in coordination with each school district based on students’ academic performance, income eligibility and planned course of postsecondary study.

Workforce Connection CEO Rusty Skinner said that the investment in postsecondary programs focusing on STEM and other targeted occupations is an “important factor for expansion of economic development and job growth.”

Last year, when the scholarship program was introduced, Workforce Connection earmarked $60,000 for area students.

Scholarships cover continuing education costs including tuition, books, fees, labs and supportive services provided by Workforce Connection. In addition, scholarship recipients will work with a trained Workforce Connection career specialist as they progress through their post-secondary training and eventually seek employment.