Work continues in Tallahassee

Greetings from Tallahassee!

Week 7 of the 2013 Legislative Session has come to an

I was proud to pass several of my bills through their respective committees of reference and the floor this week.

I look forward to continuing to work on my bills and working with my colleagues in the House of Representatives as we continue to work on the budget in the coming weeks.

First and foremost - this week, I was pleased on Wednesday to have three bills on the floor of the Senate.

These bills were Senate Bill 496, which provides additional protection for our Supreme Court Justices, Senate Bill 1806, which expedites Florida’s total maximum daily load process to save taxpayer dollars and provide for water protection, and Senate Bill 1808, which ratifies Florida’s numeric nutrient criteria after several years of work between the state and the federal government.

I was also proud to pass several of my bills through their committees of reference this week, including Senate Bill 400 which increases penalties for lying to a law enforcement officer multiple times and Senate Bill 448 which provides additional hunting opportunities for veterans throughout Florida.

As always, it is my honor to serve you in the Florida Senate.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of service to you.

Sen. Charles S. Dean