Ressler, Joseph reappointed to hospital board

INVERNESS – The Citrus County Hospital Board of Trustees (CCHB) today announced that Governor Rick Scott has reappointed Chairwoman Debbie Ressler, BSN, and Trustee Krista Joseph to the Board for an additional four-year term.

“I thank the Governor for reappointing me to the Board and entrusting me to continue to lead this group of dedicated and experienced individuals,” said Ressler, chairwoman of the CCHB.

 “We have come so far over the last few years from financial instability to now being on the verge of leasing Citrus Memorial Hospital and regaining our financial integrity.  As a registered nurse, the care of our community and its residents is very important to me, and I am pleased to be able to continue to serve Citrus County for another term.”

“It is an honor to be reappointed by the Governor to serve another my dirty term on the CCHB,” said Joseph, secretary and treasurer of the CCHB.  “I am proud to say that we are close to the finish line with bringing the lease transaction with HCA to a close for the hospital, the patients, and doctors and staff.  I look forward to continuing the good work this Board has done to protect and preserve our hospital for years to come.”

The CCHB is an independent special district created in 1949 by the Florida State Legislature for the purpose of creating and operating a public hospital system on behalf of the citizens and residents of Citrus County. In accordance with the Florida Heath Care Responsibility Act and the Florida Indigency Eligibility Certification Standards, the Board ensures that medically-necessary health care is available to all residents of Citrus County, regardless of their ability to pay.  The five members of the CCHB are volunteer public officers.

After a thorough review by the Florida Ethics Commission and Florida Department for Law Enforcement, they are appointed by the Florida Governor and confirmed by the Florida Senate for four-year terms.

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