Work continues on budget; bills proceeding

Work continued in Tallahassee last week, with the Senate meeting on the Floor on Wednesday, and the Senate Committee on Appropriations passing the Senate’s budget plan for the 2014-15 Fiscal Year on Thursday.

I am pleased with the Senate’s version of the budget, and I look forward to continuing to work with my colleagues in the weeks ahead while we construct the State’s spending plan for next year.

I am especially excited about the increase in educational spending present in the Senate’s plan, as well as the funding made available to open the Cross City Work Camp in Dixie County, and the Baker Re-Entry Center in Baker County. Both of these projects will provide direct economic development and jobs for my district.

In addition to the work on the budget, I was also able to pass two bills through their respective committees of reference.

These bills were Senate Bill 414, Relating to Public Records/AnimalMedical Researchers, and Senate Bill 920,Relating to Protection of Crime Victims.

Each of these bills provides protection to individuals. I am excited to see these two bills continue moving through the Legislative process.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if I may ever be of service to you. It is my honor to serve you in Tallahassee.

Sen. Charles S. Dean


Senate Bill 414

The bill creates a public records exemption for personal identifying information of those conducting medical research in state universities and medical facilities due to attacks and abuse these individuals have suffered while conducting research.

“This bill will protect those medical researchers who research life-sustaining and lifesaving drugs every day,” said Senator Dean. “We must protect these researchers from undue harm and abuse, including damage to their property and physical attacks on their families. This bill provides important protections for these individuals in order to prevent these acts from happening.”

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Senate Bill 920

Senate Bill 920, Relating to Protection of Crime Victims and sponsored by Senator Charlie Dean, has passed the Senate Committee on Criminal Justice unanimously.

The bill fixes several issues which exist in statutes relating to domestic violence protections, including extending temporary orders for injunction before a final injunction has been served.

In existing law, this created a period of time where no legal protection existed between the ending of the temporary injunction and the final injunction being issued by a judge and served to the respondent.

“This is a very important bill for the protection of victims of domestic violence,” Senator Dean said.

“As a former Sheriff, I have witnessed, firsthand, these terrible acts. I look forward to fixing this issue in state law with this bill and ensuring victims have legal protections during their entire ordeal. We must protect those who have suffered from domestic violence and this bill is a practical step in the right direction.”

Senate Bill 920 has been referred to the Committee on Judiciary as well as the Committee on Appropriations before it can be considered on the Floor.

The House companion bill, House Bill 659, sponsored by Representative Debbie Mayfield, has passed its first two committees of reference unanimously.

It must pass the House of Representatives’ Judiciary Committee before it can be heard on the Floor.