Hospital Board optimistic about HCA lease

The Citrus County Hospital Board (CCHB), which met on Wednesday, is remaining upbeat about a possible lease of the community-owned Citrus Memorial Hospital (CMH) by the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA).

In a statement released on Thursday, the CCHB issued a brief update on where the hospital board feels it is in the process of finalizing the transaction to lease Citrus Memorial Hospital.

"Currently, we are in the due diligence process with the Hospital Corporation of America ,and believe in the near future we will receive their final findings," the board said in the update.

The board statement added, "We continue to pursue our No. 1 goal of putting our hospital, employees and patient care first, while ensuring our community and its taxpayers have access to a hospital with long-term viability."

The statement said that, as the board contineus to work to finalize the details of the definitive lease agreement, "we are hopeful that we are close to securing quality health care for our generations to come."