Commissioners: No new sales tax

BOCC sealEvery time the Citrus County commission meets, there's always someone speaking at the "Open to the Public" dais trying to get commissioners to raise money for road resurfacing by instituting a one-cent sales tax.

The answer to that from county commissioners at every meeting is "no," and it was no different at Tuesday's commission meeting.

When the subject was brought up again on Tuesday by a member of the public, the commission was unanimous in its reaction to trying to either vote for, or to get voters to vote for, a one-cent sales tax. Commissioner Ronald E. Kitchen Jr. said it precisely: "No new taxes. No new taxes. No new taxes." And he was joined in that opinion by other commissioners.

Commission Chairman Scott Carnahan said that he had recently talked with a newspaper Editorial Board, and that he had told the people there the same thing: No new taxes. Citing that newspaper's online poll, Carnahan said there were enough negative responses to not pass a one-cent sales tax to show that attempting to pass a sales tax would be an overwhelming failure.

He said that those in the state who have been successful in passing a sales tax did so after a couple of years of campaigning before any vote was attempted.