Impact fee moratorium should stay in place

Why does it matter if impact fees are increased?
It should matter to you, the blue collar worker, who works hard for your dollar.
With impact fees there is always a chain reaction: if you make it more expensive to build here, people will be less likely to come here at all, which would affect the economy of the county greatly, including your family and their potential earnings.
The more jobs we bring in to Citrus County by keeping the taxes low, the more people will stay here to spend their hard-earned money instead of driving north or south to shop. When you are driving around the county take a look at the homes and businesses being built.
In the past few years since impact fees were suspended, there have been new homes built, a new apartment complex, a new assisted living facilities, and new businesses. All of these create new jobs and revenue into our county without impact fees, imagine them not being here if we had Impact Fees. 
Our goal as a community is to grow and thrive but we can’t do that if impact fees limit the growth, because the truth is spending dollars are leaving the county and businesses need the right incentives to jump start building. Citrus County has the potential to have some of the same businesses that our residents drive to Ocalaand Spring Hill to enjoy. 
Those opportunities will create more jobs and business for us, but with impact fees in place, those businesses are less likely to come.
Businesses, both local and corporations, would be a positive impact on our county. No matter what your job is, if impact fees are passed it will affect you. Blue collar workers like plumbers, builders and electricians would have less jobs. Retail workers would have less people coming into their stores to shop. We are the voice of the blue collar workerhere in Citrus County and we want you to know how this will affect
Additionally, we want you to consider that if there are more people living on your street then you would share the maintenance costs with more people, meaning that your taxes would be lower and the cost of living would be lower. Bringing new homes to our area would be a win for everyone in the county.
There has been a lot of talk about the roads in Citrus Springs and the fact that they have 25 percent of our residential roads, but there roads need to be repaved. Most of the lots are empty and the more people who use that land to build houses, the more populated the area is, and therefore more revenue meaning that the roads would have a better maintenance schedule.
In the past, some of our county leaders have incorrectly used impact fees as an additional source of revenue. That money should have been spent to improve the areas impacted by heavier flows of traffic. Our county's budget has continuously grown without impact fees proving that we don’t need them. We have a chance to voice our opinions to them about how we want our hard earned money spent.
We want to create the most opportunities for you, the blue collar citizen, who often is forgotten and we know the higher costs of living affectyou the most. We, the Citrus County Blue Collar Conservatives, are a nonpartisan group to educate citizens, support free market policy, and speak out on inappropriate taxation and spending within the Citrus County government. That is why we are fighting against impact fees that would not only hurt you but our county as a whole.
If you are against impact fees please call your local county commissioner at (352) 341-6560, and tellthem to keep the moratorium on impact fees in place.
Citrus County Blue Collar Conservatives