Longtime Citrus County 'most wanted' arrested in Thailand

Stephen Bishop Hall
Stephen Bishop Hall

By Heather Yates, 
CCSO Community Relations Director

Ten years ago when I first joined the Sheriff’s Office, one of my favorite things about my job was putting out our top 10 Wanted of the Week.

It was a way to quickly educate our residents about who to be on the lookout for and the program provided instant gratification for our hardworking deputies whenever someone on the list was caught.

Stephen Bishop Hall mug shot

We started this program in 2007 and the number one suspect on our list for MANY YEARS was Stephen Bishop Hall. At first glance, Hall looks like an ordinary guy, as you can see here from his 2007 photo. However, as you look a little further, his tattoos show his tastes were not ordinary. A tattoo on the back of his neck depicts Lucifer (the devil) who is whispering into Stephen’s right ear.

Hall is believed to worship Satan and would often refer to himself as El Diablo (the devil). His truck tag was personalized with S8N LVS (satan lives). His MySpace page was titled El Diablo with the entire page decorated with satanic symbols and memorabilia.

Hall started his crime career early. He is suspected of selling narcotics and being involved in gang activity since the late 90’s. He became the focus of a narcotics investigation in Sept. 2004. Hall became involved in the case when he delivered several ounces of cocaine to an undercover officer on four different occasions. This led to a search warrant being executed at Hall’s car detail business in September 2005.

As a result of the search warrant, a kilo and a half of cocaine was located along with oxycodone, LSD, Xanax, Hydrocodone, Marijuana, MDMA (Ecstasy), Testosterone Propionate (steroids), Nandrolone (steroids), Stanozolol (steroids), Methadone, Soma, and Morphine. “Obviously, Stephen Hall was not your ordinary drug dealer,” said Lt. John Novy. “He operated a “candy store” for drug addicts.”

Stephen Bishop Hall pled guilty to drug trafficking charges and was set for sentencing on October 12, 2007. He was facing a 30-year prison sentence. He failed to appear to that hearing and fled the area. Stephen’s mother is in the process of losing her home to the Bail Bondsman due to her son’s flight.

Thanks to the excellent partnership between the CCSO and the U.S. Marshal’s Office, Bishop was apprehended in Bangkok, Thailand earlier this week for passport fraud. He will now be coming “back home” to face Judge Ric Howard – most likely sometime in December.

After profiling Hall as the Sheriff’s Office TOP Most Wanted for many years, we finally removed him from our list after getting discouraged and hearing rumors of his death. But surprise! The U.S. Marshal’s came to the rescue to make sure this man receives the sentence he so deserves.

“This is commitment in its highest form,” said Sheriff Prendergast today. “Not stopping until you get your man. I know our team feels very good about getting this man extradited to Citrus County to face the damage that he caused for many in our community. Thankfully, he won’t be getting out.”

“My sincerest thanks goes to the U.S. Marshal’s and their unwavering commitment to getting Hall off the streets. Wherever he goes, we know he’s leaving his mark in a way that damages others. We’re looking forward to having him back in our very own detention facility,” the Prendergast said.

“And to those of you out there who have the same philosophy as Hall,” he concluded. “Let this be a lesson to you. We will not give up. We have the resources and willpower to find you no matter where you are."