The Russia Thing

The Electoral College only has one function - to vote, or not vote for the next president. It has no other power.
It can't pass laws, investigate, make judicial decisions or exercise other powers already granted to the executive, legislative and judicial branches.
The decision to try to mess with the Electoral College was even signaled ahead of time when the call was put out to abolish the Electoral College. This latest attempt is surely "Plan B."
The American people are tired of drama. The real truth is this is NOT about Russia's hacking. Its about trying to manipulate or even abolish the Electoral College and change electors' minds and change their votes. If this political tactic were to work, the damage to the election process would be incalculable and would subject the process to political whims both now and in the future, an effect unintended by the drafters of the Constitution.
It is the very reason why the framers set up the college in the first place. The college is, if you will, one of America's last institutional virgins.
If politicians want to check into Russia hacking, then let Congress inform itself with its own investigation, as President Obama suggested.
It's time to move on, and to quit tinkering with America's vote.