County lays out gas tax expenditures ahead of budget

Pumping gas

There has historically been a lot of discussion of what has, and has not, been done with Citrus County's Gas Tax revenues.

In this month's issue of Citrus Link, Citrus County's monthly newsletter for county residents, the county breaks down the use of the tax in a concise report for Citrus County residents.

The breakdown comes just as the county drafts its preliminary budget for Fiscal Year 2017-18, which officially begins on Oct. 1.

 GAS TAX BREAKDOWN (Per Gallon of motor fuel)

  • State (Constitutional) Fuel Tax: $.2
  • County Fuel Tax: $.13
  • Total (motor fuel) Gas Tax: $.15 (Also included in fund revenues are: Fuel Tax refund, interest, investment income, cell tower rental and reserve.)


  • Road widening projects
  • Road resurfacing
  • Roadway pavement markings
  • Road Maintenance Division for Roadway and drainage maintenance/materials
  • Transit operations
  • Bridge repairs/maintenance
  • Intersection improvements
  • Bond payments for previous roadway improvements
  • Total Fiscal Year 2018 Revenues: $13,627,982
  • Total Fiscal Year 2018 Expenditures: $13,627,982

For more information about the proposed Citrus County 2017/2018 budget visit:

(Source: Citrus Link)