Telephone Reassurance volunteers wanted

The Nature Coast Volunteer Center is looking for volunteers to join the Telephone Reassurance Program team. Do you like talking on the phone? Would you like to volunteer from home? Do you want to make a really big difference in someone’s life?
Then you should become a Telephone Reassurance Volunteer!
The goal of the Telephone Reassurance program is to provide isolated or elderly individuals with a sense of security through regular phone contact. This program is a much needed service that confirms safety and imparts care and concern at no cost to the client or you.
Some of our clients wish to be called daily (Monday-Friday, NO WEEKENDS) or three times a week or less. Some Clients want to have a 5-10 minute or longer conversation, and others just want a brief call from someone to check on them and make sure they are ok. Calling times vary from 8:00 am – 10 a.m. only.
We do provide a short training session, and we do require you to send in a monthly time log of your phone calls to your client.
Please consider becoming a Telephone Reassurance volunteer.  We have a waiting list of clients that need your kindness and concern for their well-being. Call us at (352) 527-5959 or email us at today!