TOP VIDEO: Developmental Disabilities Awareness

The Citrus County commission has recognized March 2017 as Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month in Citrus County.
Developmental disabilities affect more than seven-million American children, adults and their families; many individuals with developmental disabilities are achieving independence, productivity and integration in their respective communities.
The county proclamation adds, "Individuals with developmental disabilities in conjunction with family members, advocacy groups, governmental agencies and service organizations are encouraging all citizens to realize that individuals with developmental disabilities should be afforded opportunities in the community, including full access to housing, employment and recreational activities.
"Celebrating the abilities and contributions of people with developmental disabilities can only serve to enrich our community, enhance diversity, and help to build a great state and nation."
The county offers full support to efforts enabling people with developmental disabilities to live successful lives and realize their potential in Citrus County, the proclamation said. (February 28, 2017)

Developmental Disabilities