Voters speak minds at 2016 Primary polling places

The final unofficial results have been posted in Citrus County's 2016 primary races.

Depending on your political viewpoint, there were a couple of surprises.

Beginning with the U.S. Senator races, in which 21,832 total votes were cast, Marco Rubio outdistanced his rivals with 63.78 percent of the votes (13,924). Carlos Beruff was second, with 24.45 percent (5,339). Dwight Young took 8.20 percent (1,790 votes), and Ernie Rivera took in 3.57 percent of the vote (779 votes).

On the Democrat side of the ledger Patrick Murphy took 66.12 percent of the 8,683 votes cast, in which he received 5,741 votes. Pam Keith took 17.98 percent (1,561 votes). Alan Grayson took 11.29 percent (980 votes). Roque De La Fuente took 3.27 percent of the vote (284 votes), and Reginald Luster took 1.35 percent (117 votes).

For the same Congressional Post, Libertarian Paul Stanton took the primary with 57.58 percent of the 33 total votes cast. Runner-up Augustus Invictus won 42.42 percent of the vote (14 votes).

In the Republican race for District 11 (House of Representatives), the post held by Rich Nugent, Daniel Webster just squeaked by Nugent's choice of Justin Grabelle. Webster took 50.70 percent of the 20,893 total votes cast (10,593), compared to Grabelle's vote count of 49.30 percent (10,300 votes).

In the Republican race for Citrus County Sheriff, Michael Prendergast, Sheriff Jeff Dawsy's pick, and also the pick of the late Phil Royal's political contingent, took the race for Sheriff with a total of 53.10 percent of the 21,634 total votes cast (11,488 votes). Chuck Kanehl took 33.52 percent  (7,251 votes). Steven Burch, former Crystal River police chief, took 13.38 percent of the vote (2,895 votes).

Districts 2 and 5 of the Board of County Commissioners were also up for election.

In the Republican race for District 1 of the County Commission, it was Jeff Kinnard taking 70.23 percent of the 20,897 total votes cast (14,675 votes). Rhonda Distel was a distant second, garnering 29.77 percent of the vote (6,222 votes).

In the Republican race for District 5 of the County Commission, incumbent Scott Adams lost ground to Brian J. Coleman. Coleman took 55.01 percent 11,777 votes) of the 21,408 total votes cast. Adams garnered 33.45 percent (7,161 votes) and Roland "Bo Bavota" received 11.54 percent (2,470 votes).

In the District 4 race for school board, Sandy B. Counts took 47.18 percent (14,993 votes) of the 31,777 total votes cast. Bill Murray took 32.53 percent (10,336). Kevin Maloney took 20.29 percent of the vote (6,448). Counts and Murray will now head for the November ballot to compete for the Citrus County seat.

In the state's Amendment No. 4 dealing with tax breaks for solar devices, 65.00 percent of the total vote of 33,398 (21,709) said "Yes." Saying No at 35 percent of the vote (11,689).

The School Board one-half cent sales surtax suffered a defeat. A total of 33,389 votes were cast. Of that, 18,593 (54.76 percent) of voters were opposed to the sales tax, and 45,24 percent were for it (15,363 votes).