Withlacoochee River seen slowly receding

The Withlacoochee River has been reported as slowly receding.

However, the Citrus County Sheriff's Office on Monday reported, river flood warnings are still in effect.

As of 8 a.m. Monday, the River at Holder was reported at 8.75 feet. This portion of the river is still now at the “minor flood” stage. 

The river appears to be receding, the CCSO said, albeit slowly. The Withlacoochee River at Dunnellon is currently at 29.13 feet, and is receding. This portion of the River is still in the “minor flood” stage, the Sheriff's Office said.

With the water levels at the Holder gauge on the Withlacoochee River having receded below 9 feet, Citrus County Aquatics crews have removed the “River Closed” signs and have put back up the “Idle Speed, Flood Zone” signs at Zone B (Camp Izzard Boat Ramp to the Marion/Sumter County Line). 

County Parks & Recreation personnel are keeping the boat ramps closed because of the high water levels.

Meanwhile, the Local State of Emergency is still in effect.