Commissioners: No new sales tax

BOCC sealEvery time the Citrus County commission meets, there's always someone speaking at the "Open to the Public" dais trying to get commissioners to raise money for road resurfacing by instituting a one-cent sales tax.

The answer to that from county commissioners at every meeting is "no," and it was no different at Tuesday's commission meeting.

Tempers flare during Homosassa park discussion

BOCC seal

Tempers flared among community groups and Citrus County commissioners on Tuesday during a discussion about funding for a planned family park along Old Homosassa waterfront property.

Willmott sentenced a second time for bomb hoaxes

David Wayne Willmott, Jr., 24, of Inverness
David Wayne Willmott, Jr., 25, of Inverness, pleaded guilty in federal court in April to making threats to use an explosive device. 
He sent emails in November 2014 and April 2015 from a computer at the Lakes Region Library in Inverness, threatening to blow up targets all over the Tampa Bay area. 
He was sentenced Wednesday to three years in federal prison for making bomb threats against public buildings and spaces, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Search warrant yields meth finds in Inverness

Steven Lockyer, 55, of Inverness

Early this morning, members of the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team and Tactical Impact Unit (TIU) executed a search warrant at 2187 S. Border Ave in Inverness.

Deputies with the TIU’s Intelligence Led Policing (ILP) Squad received information that the owner of the home, Steven Lockyer, 55, of Inverness, was actively dealing in methamphetamine.


TOP VIDEO: Jim Bitter Bridge

Citrus County commissioners and members of the public joined together to honor a deceased local icon by putting icon Jim Bitter's name on the Halls River Bridge in Homosassa.


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