Legislative session ends with good progress made

State Sen. Charlie DeanSession has come to an end! I am very excited by the progress we have made this year in the Florida Legislature.


Work continues on state budget, springs protection

State Sen. Charlie DeanWith one week left in Session, the Florida Legislature continued to work this week on the budget. The Florida Senate also met on the Floor to continue moving bills through the Legislature.


Florida Senate, house move toward budget conference

Work continued in the Florida Senate last week, with the Senate meeting on the Floor on Friday, in addition to committee meetings throughout the week.

One of the focal points of the week was the continuing preparations for the conference process.

With both the Florida Senate and the Florida House of Representatives passing their chambers’ respective budgets last week, the formal conference process can now begin.

Senate passes budget at session's halfway point

Session reached its scheduled halfway point this week, with the Senate passing its version of the budget.

Following passage, the budget now heads to the conference process where differences between the Senate’s budget and the House of Representatives’ budget are worked out between the two chambers.

The budget is the only bill the Florida Legislature is constitutionally required to pass each year.

Work continues on budget; bills proceeding

Work continued in Tallahassee last week, with the Senate meeting on the Floor on Wednesday, and the Senate Committee on Appropriations passing the Senate’s budget plan for the 2014-15 Fiscal Year on Thursday.

I am pleased with the Senate’s version of the budget, and I look forward to continuing to work with my colleagues in the weeks ahead while we construct the State’s spending plan for next year.


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